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Mark Bilicki has been conducting SC CWP, DNR HE and NRA course for the past 12 years all over the U.S. to date training more than 10,000 students in all disciplines! He has taught students from every branch of U.S. our domestic military, including Home Land Security, FBI, DEA, HUD and member of The Nuclear Regulatory Commission Security Force, and militaries from as many as 17 foreign counties! pretty much every firearm certification available. Here are some of Mark's highlights:
- South Carolina Law Enforcement Division Certified Concealed Weapons Instructor
- NRA Master/Senior Training Counselor in ALL NRA Instructor Disciplines (Fewer than 100 World Wide!)

- NRA Certified Instructor:
- Pistol
- Rifle
- Shotgun
- Home Firearm Safety
- Personal Protection Inside The Home
- Personal Protection Outside The Home
- Chief Range Safety Officer
- Reloading Metallic Cartridge
- Reloading Shot Shells
- Muzzle Loading Pistol
- Muzzle Loading Rifle
- Muzzle Loading Shotgun
South Carolina Certified Department of Natural Recourses Hunter Education Instructor

South Carolina Certified Department of Natural Recourses Boater Education Instructor
Member Grass Roots of South Carolina
Member National Rifle Association (Life)
Member Greenville Gun Club (Former Youth Director, Former GGC Board Member) 
Member Gun Owners of America
Former Pistol Competitor IDPA, CPSL, NRA, Grass Roots
Former GM Automotive Engine Technician
Former Corporate Air Pilot

National Rifle Association Member,Grass Roots of South Carolina Member,National Rifle Association Certified Instructor, NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, NRA Certified Rifle Instructor, Federal Bureau of Investigations Certified Finger Print Technician.

Bradley Bilicki has earned many competition wins in addition to his training certifications.
- NRA Certified Assistant Rifle Instructor
- NRA Certified Assistant Shotgun Instructor
- NRA Certified Assistant Pistol Instructor
- NRA Certified Assistant Home Firearm Safety Instructor

Bradley is one of the nicest 18 year olds you will ever meet. Being so young, you might wonder what qualifies him to instruct at such a "tender age"? His competition qualifications overshadow his formal training qualifications, as impressive as they are. Rated NRA Distinguished Expert in shotgun, he has over 210 local and national titles and competitions wins. In addition:

  • South Carolina Junior Skeet Champion 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 (Won his 1st at age 12!)
  • Won 5 NSSA Junior World Skeet Titles in 2006 (San Antonio, Texas, his first attempt)
  • Won 4 NSSA Junior World Skeet Titles in 2007 (Boston, Mass.)
  • Won 5 NSSA Junior World Skeet Titles in 2008 (Stockton, CA.)
  • Qualified Distinguished Expert NRA Shotgun Rating
  • He is currently sponsored by Remington Arms.
Bradley also competes in NRA High Power rifle and various action pistol venues, he also builds custom AR-15s and is taking private pilot lessons! Trust me, this young man knows which end of the gun the shot comes out of.

National Rifle Association Member, South Carolina Hunter Education Graduate, Greenville Gun Club Youth Program Graduate, Former Greenville Gun Club Assistant Instructor, NRA Certified Apprentice Rifle Instructor, NRA Certified Apprentice Shotgun Instructor, NRA Certified Apprentice Pistol Instructor, Distinguished Expert NRA 4-Position Rifle Qualification Program 2006, Completive High Power Rifle

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