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Thank you for your interest in Aero-Tech Firearms Classes.

We offer nationally certified, professional, proven courses of instruction at many levels and in many disciplines, and can meet the training needs for everyone from the “beginner” who has never fired a gun to that of the experienced gun handler who wishes to become a certified instructor.

We treat every student with respect and make ourselves available before, during, and after the courses for any questions comments or concerns they might have. In fact, once a student has taken one of our courses, they may return at any time the same course again…FREE of charge! (Some restrictions apply)

In addition to our standard courses we also offer specialty courses if there is enough demand:

  • Private classes in most disciplines for 4 or more students
  • FREE Firearm Training To Children ages 9-18 (Ten Week Course)
  • FREE Women’s firearm familiarization course (Details upon request)

We offer classes for everyone from the beginner to the experienced shooter!

Please see the specific class pages for more information on your area of interest.